ARMAnet - ARMA DEVs Promo 1

January 17, 2017

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ARMAnet - Ep. 20 - ARMA 3 Podcast

January 11, 2017

ARMAnet IS BACK !  To contact the show, and @ARMAnet_podcast on twitter.  Thanks for the continued support!


ARMAnet - Ep. 19 - ARMA 3 Podcast

December 13, 2016

Hey guys, we have ARMAnet Presents with 3CB (3 Commando Brigade). They are a fantastic group of English based Arma3 Players! The first ten minutes is poor quality as Dagger and Reaver record the opening of the show there are clicks through it. And the second part Stef awkwardly passes on the show to SerJames and Vec! Find them on their website where you can find all information to their mods, Teamspeak and Youtube. To contact the show, and @ARMAnet_podcast on twitter. Please leave us comments and reviews on whatever forum you download this through! Many thanks to the solid listener base!!


ARMAnet - Ep. 18 - ARMA 3 Podcast

November 25, 2016

Welcome to ARMAnet 18. We discus Bohemia's new sit rep, summarise our live stream that happened last weekend. And lastly we introduce you wonderful listeners to RFA! Response Force Alpha are a great community of MilSim players, and it was great to listen to how they manage their group. Links we mention in the show are below!

Operation Gold Leaf:

RFA Links:

armanet_podcast on Twitter




ARMAnet - Ep. 17 - ARMA 3 Podcast

November 11, 2016

On todays episode we discuss the 180 sitrep and talk about the upcoming ARMAnet livestream.

Contact Dagger or Reaver directly email the show at! Twitter: @ARMAnet_Podcast. 


ARMAnet - Ep. 16 - ARMA 3 Podcast

October 31, 2016

Enjoy episode #16 of ARMAnet! Thanks to Slatts from the CUP mod team for joining us on this episode AND the other 111SOG boys! We have some more potential guests coming on as soon as we find dates that work for all of us. If you would like to be on, Please give a buzz and he will arrange to get you on when it works for everyone! If you want to have a look at Bohemias road map, go to and to contact Dagger or Reaver directly email the show at! Twitter: @ARMAnet_Podcast. Rock On!


ARMAnet - Ep. 15 - ARMA 3 Podcast

October 23, 2016

Hi guys, Episode 15 is here of ARMAnet podcast. Please contact the show to share your thoughts and ideas. We are available at and ARMAnet_podcast on "The Twitter"!! To contact Stef, Please get him on his twitter or email, ARMAnet_stef or To get on the NZ Exile server type in 0ce (zero ce) into the A3 launcher or into the Bohemia launcher. On schedule now, so expect another episode next week.


ARMAnet - Ep. 14 - ARMA 3 Podcast

October 17, 2016
Whats Next For ARMA


ARMAnet - Ep. 13 - ARMA 3 Podcast

September 20, 2016


ARMAnet Debrief - ARMA News

September 12, 2016